Highlight - Photo Gallery
Photographers - Paul Heran, Ryland West
Using our very own innovative lighting technique, Ryland West and I have been able to capture nocturnal landscape images like never seen before. An LED light panel attached to a remote unmanned aerial system gives us the ability to control exactly where and how long we want to light certain parts of the landscape. 
Fly Geyser, Nevada
Art gives the ability to look deeply - find the textures, colors, and images that can clearly express and expand ideas that are important.  Photography has the unique quality of recording reality at the same time as having the freedom to push and define ideas by the simple act the selecting where we point our lenses.  In the project, Highlight, we have taken this ability farther than its been able to go in the past.  

By retrofitting a drone with a light bar that is used to selectively light up landscapes to show them in a way like never before. This technique lets us isolate a single piece of wonderment in an expansive landscape.

Much the way the autonomous individual has a disconnect from nature we are creating a scene of landscapes disconnected and stripped from their external support. The isolation of a subject creates a vast dark space taking the viewer into an almost dream state. By utilizing this created blank space, we are using light to reveal a deserted organism in an ecosystem that should work together. 
McWay Falls, California

Glacier Lagoon, Iceland
Hellnar, Iceland
Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Truckee, CA
Truckee, CA
Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Mono Lake, CA
Myvatn, Iceland
Lake Tahoe, Nevada
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