HTC - VIVE 'Ultimate Tracker' Launch Video
HTC has been an innovator in the XR space since the launch of the original VIVE VR headset in 2016. Today, VIVE is still pushing the boundaries of immersive technology with the VIVE XRE Elite headset, and the new VIVE Ultimate Tracker. Together, these product enable standalone full-body tracking in VR. 
For the launch video of HTC VIVE's Ultimate Trackers, I was invested in the video creation from the kickoff. I started by working closely with our product team to research the product functionality and learned about the potential use-cases and target audiences. After receiving early iterations of the products, I conducted tests to gain a deeper understanding of the product and ideate on how we could communicate the product story to our audience. I collaborated with the global marketing team on the script and storyboard, shot a rough pre-visualization of the video, lead the team in the production phase, and finally edited the final piece in post. During production, I scouted the location, hired the talent and crew, coordinated the shoot logistics, operated camera, lighting, and audio equipment, and directed the talent. Thank you to the great team at VIVE that collaborated on this project.
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