Transworld Snowboarding - 30 Under 30

I was honored to be picked as one of Transworld Snowboarding's picks for their 30 Under 30 list. The 30 selections are young people in the industry that have a positive impact on snowboarding. 
"At only twenty-eight years old, Paul Heran has already established himself as one of snowboarding's sought-after filmers, much due his inimitable work ethic and collaborative style, as well as his affable sense of humor. Growing up immersed in the snowboarding culture of Northlake Tahoe, Paul crewed up and created bHappy Productions, making both shorts and full lengths that celebrated the joy of snowboarding, featuring talented snowboarders Gray Thompson, Sammy Spiteri, Joshua Parker, and more of their NorCal cohorts. Paul's work has long mirrored his effervescent personality, focusing on the friends and the fun of snowboarding and pulling no punches with a genuine sense of pure enjoyment. Paul was still in his early twenties when he garnered a gig with Windells, logging clips on the glacier before being tapped to launch the digital media program at Woodward Tahoe. Since then, Paul's work has extended to working behind the lens for numerous specific riders, including Nick Visconti and Nial Romanek, as well as Think Thank, Airblaster, and currently, Arbor Snowboards' new team movie. Keep in mind, this is only a partial list of Paul's accomplishments and also that his in-front-of-the-camera clips prove he's got plenty of boarding chops, himself. A meticulous lensman, there is no doubt that Paul will continue to grow his canon of snowboarding films in the seasons to come and we look forward to watching each and every movie he makes from start to finish, and likely on repeat." - Mary Walsh

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