Paul Heran VFX Work
These are some of my favorite VFX shots from the past few years working at HTC. I have been responsible for the mixed reality capture studio in Seattle where I served as the Sr. Video Producer from March, 2018 to March 2023, and now as the Creative Director. VFX shots like these are a powerful way to quickly and effectively communicate the experience that a person is having with XR technology by showing a third-person view that captures the person's interactions with virtual UI and objects. For a hardware manufacturer like HTC, mixed reality capture has the added benefit of showing their XR products in frame while telling the story of how the products enable people to engage with virtual worlds. We have partnered with developers in both the b2c and b2b industries to capture mixed reality video shots for game trailers, ads, and other video marketing materials. Some of my favorite partnerships have been: Resolution Games (Angry Birds), Logitech (VR Ink), Harmonix (Audica), and Rezzil (Rezzil Player).
VR programs and tools I am using to create these shots: VIVE AIO and PCVR headsets, VIVE Trackers, SteamVR, LIV (VR/mixed reality capture tool), Gravity Sketch, Open Brush, Open Space Calibrator, VIVE Streaming. 
Creative Tools: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Media Encoder. 
Skills: Producing and directing VFX productions, managing VR setups and workflow, calibrating real cameras with virtual cameras, live compositing, compositing, chroma keying, masking, rotoscoping, color matching and correction, basic 2D motion graphics like lower thirds, titles, text on screen callouts, rendering and exporting multiple formats and aspect ratios, subtitles, sound mixing and editing, music licensing, music syncing, video editing. 

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